Brockley Festival of Ideas 2017 Media (video and audio)

Video and audio related to the Festival’s themes were screened throughout the day in a dedicated space.

Films connected with the 1977 Battle of Lewisham (Session 1):

“Aug 13: What Happened?” (Dur: 41:28)

Newly rediscovered documentary (London Community Video Archive, produced by the Albany Video Project) depicts the infamous events of 13 August 1977, when a National Front march through South East London led to clashes with anti-fascist groups, and later between demonstrators and police. Footage shows the first time police deployed riot gear on the UK mainland and provides vital evidence about the demonstration and its aftermath in which over 100 people were injured. Regarded as a crucial moment in the history of both UK race relations and policing.

Watch the film on the London Community Video Archive website

“The Battle of Lewisham” (Dur. 21mins)  

Nacheal Catnott introduced her film – a contemporary exploration of black British culture drawing on the observations and experiences of growing up and living in south east London.

The full film is not currently available online but you can watch the trailer on YouTube

“13 Dead, Nothing Said” (Dur. 1:48 mins)  

In the early hours of Sunday 18 January 1981 a fire broke out on 439 New Cross Road, killing 13 young black Londoners. An exhibition presenting photographs taken by Vron Ware documented the ensuing ‘Black People’s Day of Action’ on 2 March 1981. The images (now held by Autograph ABP) bear witness to an historic moment of community organising and resistance in post-war Britain. This short film documents an exhibition of the photos at Goldsmiths which ran from 9 March – 27 May 2017.

Watch on YouTube

See some of the photos here

“A Matter of Life” (Dur. 13:29) 

A film inspired by the tragic events in the US and the UK that gave birth to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The film features activists and leaders from the UK movement.

Watch on Vimeo

Other Films:

“999 Club” (Dur. 6:50) (Session 2)

From their Gateway centre on Deptford Broadway, the 999 Club helps tackle the growing problem of homelessness by offering services and support for people who sleep rough and are vulnerably housed – sofa surfing or living in temporary accommodation. Services include showers, laundry, breakfast, and access to healthcare from visiting nurses, mental health workers and health professionals.

Watch on YouTube

“Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle” (Dur. 3:16) (Session 2)

Extended trailer for a “must see” independent film about the housing crisis – one of our nation’s biggest scandals.

Watch on YouTube 

“Walter’s Way: The Anarchist Housing Estate” (Dur. 10:08) (Session 2)

The little-known self-build housing estate on Walter’s Way, Lewisham.

Watch on YouTube

“Library of Things”  (Dur. 2:02) (Session 5)

BBC News report on this scheme allowing the sharing of tools and other physical resources within the community.

Watch on YouTube

“Brockley: Then & Now – the 2015 Mass Photo on Hilly Fields” (Dur. 6:14)

Inspired by a 1918 mass photo on Hilly Fields, Brockley Society decided to recreate it in 2015. This film records how and why it was done. Produced by Frizbee Films.


Watch working version on Vimeo

“The Listening Post – Sybil Phoenix” (Dur. 23:00)

This BBC radio programme tells the story of Sybil’s lifetime involvement in community relations here in Lewisham.

She is a legendary figure both here in her adopted home of Lewisham and also in British Guiana – which she left in 1956. Over 50 years ago she started fostering and has cared for countless children. She was awarded an MBE in 1973 (the first black female recipient) and in 1996 she was made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Lewisham. In 1998 she was awarded the Freedom of the City of London and elevetated to OBE in 2008.

Sybil’s son Woodrow kindly came along to the event and answered questions about her life and work.

(Programme produced by Alan Hall; a Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4. Broadcast on the BBC World Service on 1st October 2011.)

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