Brockley Festival of Ideas 2017: Session 3

Session 3: Debt, Money and Exploitation

Chaired by Roger Lewis

Ravi Ravindran – Lewisham Plus Credit Union

Ivo Mosley – Author

Helen Mercer – Associate Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich

Sian Williams – Toynbee Hall

Full audio recording: 1h 02m

See below for start times of individual speakers.

Introduction by the Chair of Session 3

Roger Lewis 

Starts at 0m 0s


Combating Debt

Ravi Ravindran 

Starts at 02m 31s

Ravi is CEO of Lewisham Plus Credit Union ,which has 11,000 members in Lewisham and Bromley, including 1600 Juniors (Under 18s).


Bank Robbery

Ivo Mosley

Starts at 14m 00s

Ivo is an author of fiction, plays, and cultural criticism for many publications, both mainstream and fringe. His most recent book is entitled “In The Name Of The People”

From Exploitation to Expropriation

Helen Mercer 

Starts at 27m 16s

Helen recently retired as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Greenwich University and is a founding member of numerous campaign groups including ‘Drop NHS Debt’, ‘People vs PFI’, ‘People vs Barts PFI’, ‘Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign’ and ‘Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public’.

How Profit Maximisation Increases Inequality

Sian Williams

Starts at 39m 35s

After a 15-year career as a diplomat, Sian joined the staff of Toynbee Hall, a charity committed to ending poverty. Her vision is a UK in which every organisation – whether government, business or third sector – takes responsibility to ensure that they have a positive impact on people’s financial health.

Audience Q&A

Starts at 51m 25s


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