Brockley Festival of Ideas 2017: Session 5

Session 5: From Ideas to Action

Chaired by Ivo Mosley 

Jon McKenna – Double Jab SE8

Fouzia Razvi – Citizens UK

Alys Penfold – Library of Things

Kajal Odedra – UK Director,

Andrew Brown  – CEO, Elevating Success

Full audio recording: 59m 40s

See below for start times of individual speakers.


Ivo Mosley

Starts at 0m 0s


Keeping Youth Out of Crime Through Boxing

Jon McKenna

Starts at 0m 30s

Jon McKenna is a boxer, film and stage actor and street performer who lives in nearby SE14 where he coaches at the Double Jab gym at the Moonshot Centre (also home to the IRIE! dance theatre company). Recently Jon worked alongside Tom Hardy in Legend and also won awards for his Samuel Beckett work. Son of a Jarrow marcher, Jon is involved in a number of artistic and social projects, local and national.

Housing and Integrating Syrian Refugees

Fouzia Razvi

Starts at 11m 48s

Fouzia is mother of four children, and active in the community. She works with Syrian refugees as part of her involvement with Citizens UK. She also does voluntary work for the Lewisham Islamic Centre, also a member of Citizens UK.

Sharing Resources Within the Community

Alys Penfold 

Starts at 19m 06s

Library of Things is a friendly space where you can borrow useful items at affordable prices and learn how to use them. Their mission is to make borrowing better than buying. Currently based in West Norwood, hopefully every community will have their very own Library of Things in the near future!

Online Campaigning

Kajal Odedra 

Starts at 28m 15s

Kajal is UK Director at, the world’s largest online petition website with 200 million users worldwide and 15 million in the UK. The platform has supported some of the biggest people powered campaigns in the UK. Kajal has a decade’s experience in the campaigns and tech sector, is an advisor for women in STEM group Ada’s List and founded the People of Colour in Campaigns network. 

Empowering Young People

Andrew Brown

Starts at 39m 03s

Andrew Brown, is the Founder and CEO of Elevating Success UK, a Charity that has now been running for 10 years and has worked with over 3000 young people during its time. Elevating Success are known for their Youth Conferences that are held each year in Lewisham and Croydon and this year’s Conference held at Goldsmith University had 650 young people from Lewisham and surrounding boroughs attend. We welcome Andrew Brown to this event and look forward for him sharing how he works with Young People to maximise Their Potential.


Audience Questions and Discussion

Starts at 44m 09s


Festival Closing Remarks

Clare Cowen

Starts at 55m 00s (Dur. 5 mins)


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