Brockley Festival of Ideas 2017: Session 4

Session 4: Food and the Environment

Chaired by Greg Williams

Rosie Boycott – Chair, London Food Board

Sophi Tranchell – Divine Chocolates

Olaf Garvey – Animal Rights Advocate

Trina Lynskey – Deptford Folk

James Skinner – New Economics Foundation

Full audio recording: 59h 45m

See below for start times of individual speakers.

Trina Lynskey discusses the Evelyn200 campaign during Session 4: Food and the Environment

Introduction by the Chair of Session 4

Greg Williams

Starts at 0m 31s


The Future of Food

Rosie Boycott 

Starts at 03m 30s

Rosie is the Mayor of London’s Food Advisor and runs the London Food Board.

Fair Trade vs. Corporate Food Production

Sophi Tranchell

Starts at 12m 20s

Sophie is Managing Director of Divine Chocolates, a pioneering multinational Fairtrade chocolate company working with producers in Ghana.

How Animal Agriculture is Destroying Our Planet

Olaf Garvey

Starts at 21m 55s

Olaf has a lifelong passion for respecting all sentient life. Being an animal rights advocate has given Olaf a platform to amplify a compassionate world view for animals and the environment. He also works with virtual reality to educate and inspire behaviour change towards a better world.


Evelyn200 Today

Trina Lynskey 

Starts at 31m 19s

DeptfordFolk is the park user group for Deptford Park and Folkestone Gardens in North Deptford’s Evelyn Ward and we are planting 200 trees in the ward. This area has the lowest number of trees and worst air quality in Lewisham. The ward is named after 17th century writer, John Evelyn who wrote about both air pollution and trees; 2018 marks 200 years since the publication of John Evelyn’s famous diaries. Evelyn200 is an idea to reference our past and have a positive impact on our future by making changes today.


Agri Villages

James Skinner

Starts at 40m 45s

James Skinner has extensive business, economic and agricultural development experience overseas, particularly in Africa. As an economist, he is actively engaged in renewable energy, and sustainable transport and farming initiatives, both through his own companies and foundations, and as a Trustee of the New Economics Foundation.


Audience Questions and Discussion

Starts at 48m 50s


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