Brockley ‘Then & Now’: Recreating the 1918 Mass Photo



We found this remarkable photograph in the Brockley Society archives: a huge group portrait of the men, women and children who gathered on Hilly Fields, Brockley, in August 1918 after a procession commemorating the start of the First World War on 4 August 1914. You can read the a fascinating report of the event in an article published in the Brockley News on Friday August 9th 1918.

Inspired by this photograph, we decided to recreate it 97 years later! On Sunday 19 July 2015, thousands of people from Brockley and beyond came along to be included. Artist Simon Terrill replicated the portrait from the very same spot.

Brockley Then & Now webcopy

The event was a huge success: the weather was on our side, and thousands – both young and old – experienced a deep sense of connection with both their present-day fellows and their Edwardian forebears. The event received widespread coverage in the media: see links below. Frizbee Films also produced this fabulous short documentary about the day.


Beautiful photos within the crowd by Héloïse Faure: Gallery of photos

If you were there and want to be included in our records of the event, then please REGISTER here.

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We are grateful to our sponsors of the event:

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