Brockley Festival of Ideas 2016: Session 2

A Fairer World

Chaired by Clare Cowen

Natasha Wort – Peace Activist and Nichiren Buddhist

Tassia Kobylinska – Lecturer on Media and Communications

Lui Smyth – Advocate of ‘Unconditional Basic Income’

Full audio recording (52m).

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Clare Cowen



How to save the world – A Buddhist’s Guide

Natasha Wort


Wort v2 b&w 300pixOur global issues will never be solved until we address the root cause. War begins in the human heart. From a need to gain or establish power over others. This need for validation is rooted in our culture – of valuing our lives in relation to others or external things. It is a self-defeating philosophy that can never lead to true happiness or peace.

We need a fundamental culture shift towards one that champions the absolute nobility and value of every person. This is not an ‘airy fairy’ ideal but a practical approach in which each person takes responsibility for their lives and their role in creating a culture of peace around them, starting from within.

View the Powerpoint presentation here.



Film as Social Action

Tassia Kobylinska


Kobylinska v2 b&w 300pixIt is becoming easier and easier to take film and video. Video shot by ordinary citizens has already had a great influence on world opinion and events. For longer and more in-depth pieces, distribution is a challenge. More open distribution would greatly enhance how we citizens of the world understand one another.

Tassia is a Lecturer on Media and Communications and has produced and directed documentaries and films on international policy and human rights.

View the Powerpoint presentation here.


Unconditional Basic Income for All

Lui Smyth


Smyth v2 b&w 300pixHow can we restore a little freedom to our debt-ridden world, where most of us are dependent on the huge powers of states, corporations and big money? Universal Basic Income would give a living income to citizens, whether or not they are working. Experimental studies have shown UBI would not just remove poverty, it would increase economic activity, reduce crime and drug consumption, improve mental health – and restore freedom to ordinary people.

Lui works in the technology sector but is an anthropologist and social scientist at heart.


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