Congratulations to Street Trees for Living


PO Box 63473

London SE4 9AZ 

Street Trees for Living (STfL) began as a small sub-project of Brockley Society in 2011. It has developed as an outstanding initiative since then, working in partnership with Lewisham Council’s Green Scene. By Easter this year new street trees had been planted in most of Lewisham’s wards, a grand total of 800 trees since 2012. Local residents and businesses have provided most of the funding, along with commitments to water the trees for their first years. Local assemblies have also made generous grants.

Brockley Society, as the parent charity, is proud to have incubated and invested in such a worthwhile project. We have spent the last year assisting with the legal, financial and practical arrangements for what started simply as a tree project to become an independent charity. Following the joint signing of a handover agreement on 14 May 2020, we are now able to transfer all assets and responsibilities relating to the project and we are delighted that it can now operate as the new, independent Street Trees for Living, Charity No. 1185165,

Please join us in congratulating STfL and wishing them all the best in their independent life. We invite you to continue supporting their work or to look at it for the first time. We look forward to continued cooperation.


Clare Cowen
Chair of Brockley Society

20 May 2020

The Legal Background:

The name Street Trees for Living as well as all assets and the associated logo remained the sole property of Brockley Society until 14 May 2020. Therefore any communication that you may have received using that name and logo before 14 May 2020 are deemed to have come from Brockley Society. As this name and logo have now been transferred to the new charity, all communications sent since 14 May 2020, when the handover agreement was signed, can be deemed to come from Street Trees for Living, the new charity No. 1185165. Please also note that as of 14 May 2020, all assets and liabilities relating to the former Brockley Society project “Street Trees for Living” are being formally transferred to the new charity No. 1185165. Please direct any further queries relating to past donations to the new charity at [email protected].