Brockley Society Open Meeting: Growing up in Brockley

7.30pm, Wednesday April 19, 2017 at the Brockley Social Club.

As new people move into the area it sometimes seems that Brockley is changing. But many people who grew up in Brockley, went to school and played in our streets still live here. We are inviting several people, ranging from a teenager to a 93-year-old, to bring their Brockley recollections. How different was Brockley in the 1930s compared to the 1960s, the 1990s or today?

If you grew up in Brockley, assemble about three minutes’ worth of memories from your childhood and bring them to the meeting with any photos or interesting items — and invite your gang of friends too if they’re still around.


Brockley Social Club
240 Brockley Road
London, SE4 2SU

Growing up in Brockley banner

Photograph from the Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre (‘Children Watching Punch & Judy, Durham Hill 1972’; ref: LEW_PH-87-13445)

Full disclosure: although the photo is not actually in Brockley, some artistic license was needed as there are so few photos of Brockley in the Lewisham collection!