Midwinter Warmer Event 2016


The Seniors Choir with attentive listener


Seniors citizens from Brockley and beyond came together for several hours on Saturday 13th February at the Brockley Social Club for the ‘Midwinter Warmer’ event, now in its eighth year.

Sandwiches and cakes were provided by volunteers, and entertainment was provided by the Seniors Choir.

One senior, Gloria Brown, commented:

I really enjoyed myself. There was such a good turnout despite the bad weather.  As usual there were more women than men but nevertheless the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

“Each guest was given two raffle tickets – one for a drink and the other for the prize draw – and everyone won a prize. I arrived by myself as my friend couldn’t make it, but I had nice conversation with the two ladies who sat with me. I would like to thank all those that volunteered and made the event such a success.”

One brave man from the Seniors Choir also gave a magnificent solo rendition of “Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner”!

Thanks to all those who participated, and as ever to the Brockley Social Club for use of the venue.


Brockley's very own "Londoner"

Brockley’s very own ‘Londoner’