Brockley Is Getting Greener!

Good news on the local tree planting front. Transition Brockley teamed up with Brockley Cross Action Group and Brockley Society to put in a successful bid to the Local Assembly Fund for 6 trees to be planted, 4 in the new extended pavement along the Brockley Road opposite the Brockley Barge, one outside the Toad’s Mouth, and one at the corner outside the Sorting Office. Thanks to the funding, plans are underway for a winter planting of some mature trees with wide tree pits for extra underplanting. This effort should brighten up the surroundings, and of course, absorb CO2 along that stretch of Brockley Road.

The Brockley Harvest group, a Transition Brockley initiative, has been picking apples and damsons at the request of fruit tree owners, but more pickers are needed to help harvest and process the huge abundance of fruit in Brockley which currently goes to waste.

The Edible Community Garden at Brockley Station has provided a variety ofveget ables, herbs and flowers to passers-by, and this year will also offer some winter crops. Watch the space!

The Brockley Garden Share Scheme (toprovide more food-growing spaces) is getting underway with two local gardens being matched up with keen-to-get-started growers from allotment waiting lists. Further neglected gardens at council properties have been identified, and the Brockley B3 PFI is taking an active role in facilitating their use as ‘allotments’.

Bees, butterflies and other insects have been enjoying the Meadow Flowers grown this year from seeds distributed by our group to help create more habitat to reverse the decline in numbers of pollinating insects. Flower meadows are also a feast for the eyes as well as being a haven for wildlife!

On the carbon reduction front, we are hosting our first Draught Busting Session this autumn to demonstrate simple ways of insulating your house and saving energy costs, and to offer the materials at a reduced price.

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